I hate pigeon-holing, and I bet pigeons don’t like it much either. In the last 15 years as a creative thinker I’ve worn many different hats – graphic designer, digital designer, digital creative, ATL creative, branding consultant and many more. I’m just as happy designing a logo as I am writing a TV advert. I define my self as the ultimate example of an ‘integrated creative’. What drives me is unravelling complex creative problems and finding elegant solutions to difficult challenges.

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Below is a map of my skills and experience:


Below are some of the fantastic brands I’ve worked on:

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What others have said about me:


Matt Powell – Creative Director, Jaywing

“A guy who cares deeply about his craft, he has a huge imagination and will go to any lengths to help bring good ideas to life. I have met a thousand people in our industry, but I am struggling to think of a kinder or more collaborative character than Lewis.”


Will Cleverly – Creative Services Director, Epoch Creative

“His creativity is second to none. I doubt in my life time I will encounter an individual more impressive or spontaneous in their ability to devise incredible and innovative holistic campaigns, whatever the sector, whatever the marketing challenge. A truly inspirational character, an award winning creative director, a fantastic colleague.”


Ant Lucas – Founder, Epoch Creative

“He’s a game changer, a bit of an enigma and a thoroughly nice bloke. In the 12 months he worked with me, he totally changed the way I think about creative problem solving. He’ll challenge you every step of the way. But it’ll be worth it.”


Ross Garden – Creative Director, Founded

“Lewis is one of the few individuals that can constantly surprise not just in the quality of his work but in his quenchless thirst to add more value. Any company that succeeds in attracting him will receive huge shot in the arm.”


Claudio Annichiarico – Digital Director, Jaguar Landrover Group

“Lewis Plummer is one of the most talented creative people I’ve had the privilege of working with in my career. I had the pleasure of working with Lewis on many projects and I found him a delight and creative inspiration when working under huge pressure whether they be time or budgetary constraints. Lewis always found a way to creatively wow our clients which made my job as the project manager a delight.”